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Designed by a Horseman for Horsemen! The Arena Rover glides over your arena base and perfectly levels whatever you have chosen as your desired footing: Dirt - Textile - Rubber - Hybrid Using the Arena Rover maintains the cushioning quality of textile, rubber, felt or textured fiber footings....
  • Simplicity At Its Best!

    At Its Best!

    "The Arena Rover is small in size, very stoutly built, well engineered... and is completely adjustable.  [It] has already paid for itself in two uses!"

    Dave K.

  • Levels All Footings!

    Levels All Footings!

    "The Rover turns the footing and keeps it from getting packed down. It fluffs and levels at the same time and doesn't bunch up my felt additive. "

    Dr. Susan C-O

  • Smooths Rough Spots!

    Smooths Rough Spots!

    "It's amazing how much better the horses go when the footing is uniform, and that's what your drag does; it levels and smooths out the rough spots. "


  • E-a-s-y    Hookup!

    E-a-s-y    Hookup!

    "The drag is "girl friendly." I can use it behind my gator. It's easy to hook up. I don't feel like I'm going to smash my hands in the process. "

    Dr. Susan C-O

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  • EASY HOOKUP STAND" data-mosaic-order-date="2012-12-16 16:26:27">

    "Great arena drag Gary. Very well designed.

    We use it every day.
    Thanks for everything."


  • LEVELS FOOTINGS PERFECTLY" data-mosaic-order-date="2012-12-14 16:27:22">

    "I started out testing the very first Arena Rover and after 13 years I still love it. It works my footing loose then levels it perfectly.

    I get a lot of compliments on how nice my footing is all the time.
    My horses are spoiled at home with such nice footing year round."

    Anne Shafer

  • EASY SNOW REMOVAL" data-mosaic-order-date="2012-12-12 16:26:52">

    "What a great piece of equipment for so many tasks! This winter the Arena Rover easily tackled well over 15 inches of wet, heavy snow!

    After the driveway was cleared, we also cleared the outdoor runs and pasture feeding areas with ease. "


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Why pay more for complex?


6 ft. | 7 ft. | 8 ft. Arena Rover

6 ft.  $2850.00
7 ft.  $3200.00
8 ft.  $3400.00

6 ft. Rachet controlled Roller:
7 ft. Rachet controlled Roller:
8 ft. Rachet controlled Roller:
Hydraulic control $250.00 each
Electric motor $350.00


FREE DELIVERY w/in 150 miles of KC, MO
We'll stick around and show you the ease of using the Arena Rover


Major Credit Cards accepted.
Ask about our in-house financing!

Arena Rover Features:

  • Sand blasted & powder coated
  • Case hardened teeth & gliding shoes
  • Easy turn wheel for teeth & blade adjustment
  • All top links and pins are included
  • Wearable parts are easily replaced
Arena Rover Easy Hookup system

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